LOGIC AND MEANING, 13-14 May 2016


First Day, 13th May 2016

University of Warsaw Library, Dobra 56/66, room 256    


9:30-9:40        Inauguration

9:40-10:20      Indexicals in the Context of Attitude Ascriptions | Katarzyna Kijania-Placek

10:20-11:00    The Content of Perceptual Demonstratives | Adriana Pavic

11:10-12:40    Semantic Entry Points for Speaker’s Meaning | Francois Recanati

12:40-14:00    lunch

14:00-15:30    Analyticity, Explanation, and the Justification of Basic Logical Laws | Gillian Russell

15:40-16:20    Entitlement and Claiming Knowledge of Validity | Ben Baker

16:20-17:00    Assumptions, Hypotheses, and Antecedents | Vladan Djordjevic

17:20-18:00    Directival Theory of Meaning: From Syntax and Pragmatics to Content  | Pawel Grabarczyk

18:00-18:40    Quotation and the General Theory of Communication | Roman Godlewski


Second Day, 14th May 2016

University of Warsaw Library, Dobra 56/66, room 256


10:00-10:40    Are Modal Operators Logical? | Owen Griffiths

10:40-11:20    What Is Natural Logic of Natural Language? | Jakub Szymanik, Ivan Titov, Fanghzou Zai

11:30-13:00    Vagueness, Context and Disagreement | Joanna Odrowąż-Sypniewska

13:00-14:30    lunch

14:30-16:00    What Psychology of Reasoning Can Tell Us About the Meaning of Indicative Conditionals | Karolina Krzyżanowska

16:10-16:50    Contextualist Theory of Logical Connectives in Natural Language | Wojciech Rostworowski, Marcin Będkowski, Natalia Pietrulewicz

16:50-17:30    Nondeclaratives and Logical Words: Their Semantics, Pragmatics, and Logic | Dan Boisvert

17:40-18:20    Processing Affirmation and Negation in Contexts With Unique or Multiple Alternatives | Maria Spychalska, Viviana Haase, Jarmo Kontinen, Markus Werning