Basic Information



1. Where and when the workshop is going to take place?

The workshop is going to take place on 13th and 14th of May 2016 at the University of Warsaw.


2. How can I travel to Warsaw?

If you are abroad – we have two airports near Warsaw.

One – in the city center – Warsaw Chopin Airport

Second – 35 km from Warsaw –¬†Warsaw Modlin Airport.

Warsaw Airports

You can also travel by train. We have three main stations – Central, Eastern and Western Railway Station.


3. What topics will be discussed during the workshop?

  • Logic of natural language: logical pluralism vs. logical monism
  • Epistemology of logic: justification of basic logical laws
  • Logical connectives in natural language: how should we account for them? What is the relation between them and their counterparts in classical logic?
  • Conditionals: what is their proper semantic analysis?
  • Pragmatic vs semantic account of meaning: how much pragmatics is involved in determining the truth-conditional meaning? (contextualism vs. minimalism debate)
  • Theoretical vs. experimental approaches to meaning and logical form: should we explore them by using experimental methods? And if yes, how to do?


4. Financial support

The grant for the project “Logical Connectives in Natural Languages” and “Warsaw Workshop in Philosophy of Language” is funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education under the third edition of the National Program for Development of Humanities (“Narodowy Program Rozwoju Humanistyki”.)